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Years ago…

Ok, maybe over a decade ago, snail mail was just something I did. Often. Birthdays and anniversaries were regular occasions for me to send a card to friends and family.

I was OVERLY organized about this.

In fact, my grandmother received her birthday card on October 29 even though I was in the hospital after having a baby on October 28. (I mailed it in the morning before I went into labor)

Truthfully, my Gema’s birthday in 2002 might be the last birthday card that I sent on time. Or at all. Ever again.

Motherhood completely disrupted my overly organized methods to remember special occasions.  I just couldn’t keep up with cards every month anymore.

But I missed sending cards! I missed taking the time to write a note of encouragement to folks who were important to me.  There had to be a solution for my disorganization.

Then it hit me…


Surprise the moms in your life with a letter celebrating them! Write friends, family, and more. I started this years ago and look forward to it every year.

Each year, I could send Mother’s Day cards.  Instead of remembering various dates throughout the year, I could focus on ONE holiday and recognize all of the wonderful women in my life.

It has been the perfect plan for almost a decade now.  Every year I purchase a ton of Mothers Day cards and send them to various friends and family members.

Mother’s Day: Send Love in the Mail

1. The actual moms in my life – my Mom, Mother-in-Law, and Grandmom. It’s a perfect time to let them know how much I appreciate them.

2. Friends (who are moms) that have supported me in my journey of life during the year.  Every year brings unique challenges in life and in motherhood.  These cards remind me to take a moment to recognize how much I appreciate the women in my life who have supported me during the year.  I remind them what amazing moms and friends they have been.

3. Women (also moms) that I have encountered who inspire or support me even if we aren’t “close friends”. In the past, this has included fellow bloggers or women at church. It’s been a nice way to thank the people that God has used in my life, including the women who stepped in briefly or in a simple, practical way.

4. New moms. New moms are so much fun to surprise with a Mother’s Day card.  I love to recognize people in my life who had their first baby during the year!

5. A mom who needs encouragement.  Sometimes I encounter a mom who has gone through a particularly rough time.  Mother’s Day is a great time to let her know that I have noticed her efforts at being a great mom.

6.  Friends who have lost their mothers.  Mothers Day can be a day of deep loss for friends who have lost their own moms.  A note inside their mom’s day card or a separate note is one way to recognize and empathize with their sadness.

In each card, I try to write some words of thanks and encouragement.  This simple tradition continues to provide a way for me to reflect on the wonderful women God has placed in my life.  Snail mail once a year has been something that I can manage!

(NOTE: There are wonderful men and women in my life who are not mothers. I take the time to send them notes on other days or I grab a “Thinking of you” or “Friendship” card to send them at this time.)

Perhaps this is a tradition that you might enjoy adopting in some fashion. If so, this is a great time to hit the dollar store for some cards!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” I Thes. 5:11


Love on your friends, family, and neighbors with some love in the form of a letter this mother's day. Share the gift of encouragement using snail mail.


A tribute to the many different types of women rocking it as mom! Eshet Chayil: celebrate women of valor.

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  • Reply Lynna @hswothetrainingwheels at

    Mary, I love this idea!! Reminds me of the post you shared on fb a while back about taking the time to do tangible things to let the people we care about know that we are thinking of them. I bet you’ve been a real blessing to tons of people over the years!

  • Reply Dachelle at

    What a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply Patty at

    You’re wonderful!!

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      You are biased….Mom 🙂

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