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Choosing My Own Path

I recently left my position at the homeschool writing company, Brave Writer. This was a major life change and I wanted to record it on my blog.

While on staff at Brave Writer, I wrote 40 party school guides, full of amazing book club activities and ideas! As a fun exercise in creativity, I included over half of those book titles in the blog post below.

Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, I made the decision to quit my job as part of the staff at Brave Writer. This was not an easy decision.

Trying to determine the best course of action made my brain felt a bit like the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler. I loved working at Brave Writer but my Sense and Sensibility told me it was time to move on. 

There was a series of Unfortunate Events and By the Great Horn Spoon, everything ended with me Walking toward more free time with my family. It turns out that not even a little Harry Potter magic can create more time in my day, as much as I have tried.

While the decision didn’t leave me singing A Christmas Carol, I am looking forward to this new found Freedom Train. I am suddenly more available for When You (or my kids need to) Reach Me

Of course, this new schedule does leave me wondering, “What shall I do with my time?”

Sometimes I March around the house wondering what to do with this freedom. It’s a bit of a Westing Game to determine the next steps on my journey.

If you know me at all, then you know my heart always responds to the Call of the Wild. As much as I would like to Journey to Jo’Burg, I am not ready for an international trip….yet.

Instead, I suspect I will take my kids to New York City to see if A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. We wouldn’t mind returning to the Redwall formations of Bryce Canyon or Arches either.

Before I plan a Wilson Family adventure to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, we’ll start with a visit to the beach in May where I don’t plan to learn The Thing About Jellyfish or any other stinging creature. Instead, I’ll enjoy the sun and the sand without any work to complete. 

While this wasn’t the Twisted Ending (short stories) I was looking for, that is the Thing About Luck – sometimes it just strikes hot, like Fahrenheit 451 degrees hot.

In the meantime, there is a homeschool year to complete and we need to Mary Poppins the final weeks. So it is time to pick up my Red Pencil and make plans to wrap up this year.

The good news is that I’ll have more time for my blog so you can channel your inner Harriet the Spy and peek at this page more often. I suspect you’ll find more to explore in the days ahead.

Because of Winn Dixie,


PS. I loved my two years on staff and I am sad that it came to an end, but it was the right time to release some of my commitments.

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  • Reply Amy H. at

    Oh, Mary, how bittersweet. We have loved your party school ideas and am glad they’re not going anywhere soon. Enjoy the time with your kids. You know how fast it goes, and before you know it, they’re leaving the nest. Our first is leaving this year and it’s not going to be easy to see her go.

  • Reply Laurie at

    Excited to see what this new adventure brings for y’all.

  • Reply Tia Levings at

    What an incredibly clever tribute to your hard work! I know your impact left an impression and helped mold the BW experience for so many families. Much love to you!

  • Reply Lise M McGuinness at

    I can’t believe it’s been two years! Seems like I just watched your first party-school periscope!

    • Reply Mary Wilson at

      Well, that was 3 years ago. I was doing my own fun book clubs before I began writing guides for Brave Writer. Good memory.

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