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5 Tools that Spark Meaningful Family Conversation

Conversation is an important part of our family life and an important part of our homeschool.

Meaningful conversation contributes to the atmosphere of learning in our homeschool and it enhances our relationships with one another. My kids are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with me and others. They learn to defend their point of view, explain their reasoning, and consider what someone else has to say.

Conversations give my children the room and freedom to process what they are learning. We might talk about current events, the plot of a book, or whether parallel universes truly exist.

Our Brave Writer Lifestyle has taught me to value our conversations just as much as I value any part of our homeschool, sometimes even more. I’ve learned that everything doesn’t have to be in a book, on a worksheet, or written down at all.

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Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop Review

I love doing art with my kids, but I need a little guidance when it comes to project ideas and creativity.

I am willing to gather the materials and join in the fun, but it helps to have someone else design the plan.

That is where the courses at the Masterpiece Society have saved me from hours of digging around for ideas to copy from Pinterest. This fall we began working on the projects in the Fall Mixed Media Workshop and we are all having fun while creating unique pieces of art.

{{NOTE: Coupon Code for the Workshop included at the end of the post!}}

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Our Morning Basket: Geography Books for Kids

As we kick off our Geography studies this year, I have started gathering book titles for our Morning Basket. We will read some sort of Geography book daily because this year we are focusing on World Geography and World Cultures.

Some days we will learn from informational text and other days we will enjoy a story. It might depend on the plan, but it usually depends on my mood.

Either way, I’ve gathered a lot of options. I like options.

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Book Club Titles 2017-2018

Another year of school is about to start and another round of book clubs are ready to begin. Of course, these are just your average book clubs. We love to dive in with a memorable, themed party school book club!

This will be my third year organizing book clubs for my kids. While the girls have been in a book club for two years, last year was the first year that my boys participated in a book club.

It takes a bit of organization to pick the dates and then we choose the book titles. We typically choose books from the Brave Writer annual subscription lists so we can use the Arrow and Boomerang Guides, but that isn’t a hard, fast requirement.

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Learn Geography using Fun and Games

Homeschool Geography doesn’t have to include workbooks or endless copies of boring maps to fill in. There are so many ways to learn about geography with your kids through games and fun activities.

Our family is spending a year focused on Geography and I have started gathering ideas.

My goal is a year of fun, not a year of worksheets!

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Twelve Tips for Visting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Our family just returned from a one-day adventure in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it was a highlight of our shared book experience. If you can swing the trip, I assure you that it is well worth the experience.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located inside the Universal Studio theme parks in Orlando. Hogsmeade is a small section in the rear of Universal Studios Islands of Adventure while Diagon Alley is a small section in the back of Universal Studios Orlando. The two parks are connected by the Hogwarts Express.

I have no doubt that your journey through one of the most beloved books of this generation will be unforgettable.

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