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A Letter to my Children on Mother’s Day

A letter to my children on mothers day in honor of them.

{This post was originally published in May 2014 on my former blog.}

Dear Children,

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

It is a designated day for you to thank me. And you will. Your eager hearts will write notes and thank-you’s while pampering me throughout the day. I will enjoy every minute of your outpouring of love.

But in this moment, on Mother’s Day Eve, I want to thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for the privilege and honor of being your mother.

I spend my mornings, afternoons, and evenings with 4 of the most awesome people on the planet – YOU! Continue Reading

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Connect with Your Kids: Activities for April

April showers bring May flowers.

At least that is what they say, so this could be a rainy month. I am not sure how your forecast looks but I see 6 days of potential rain in the next 15.

This is also the month for spring break and Easter. It is probably the beginning of a season of fairs, festivals, and fun in your local area as the milder temperatures begin to appear.

Take some time this month to have some fun and connect as a family.  To make it a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can make some family memories this month, including a FREE printable of conversations starters for your family!

So let’s have some fun with activities for April.

Connect with your kids this month and try some ideas from this list of activities for april. Links to projects, crafts, and other family fun!

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Confessions of an Imperfect Mom: Christmas Edition

Hey Mommas.

It’s easy to feel like a complete failure sometimes, isn’t it?

Hashtag “Momfail”, right?

I suspect it is even easier to feel like a failure during the holidays because the expectations of the season make the bar feel so high.

And scrolling through social media doesn’t help.  It usually pushes that hypothetical bar even higher. Everyone else appears to be doing life beautifully while you know the reality of your own situation.

Well, I am here to assure you that for every pretty picture of Christmas lights hanging in the kids’ bedrooms, there are realities that weren’t captured for the world to see.

So as this season of giving comes to a close, let my final gift to you be a few of my #momfail stories this December.

It isn't always picture perfect. I am an imperfect mother and I am learning to embrace who I am.

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Tackling your Mommy Guilt: A Few Strategies

The weekend came and went with a whirlwind of activity.  Much like it often does.

Book club and movie night with my daughters on Friday night.  Hustling and driving three kids around to sports on Saturday in addition to shopping, errands, and clothing returns.  My husband and I also began work on a small porch makeover.  Sunday arrived and we attended church and then grabbed some bagels with the kids before I spent the rest of the afternoon organizing my desk, paying bills, planning our school week, and working more on the porch project.

And despite all that we did and all that I accomplished and all of the fun we had, I still felt guilty on Sunday night.  I hadn’t done enough.  I hadn’t been enough.

Mommy guilt.  Guilt over my never-ending failure to do all things in all categories perfectly. Continue Reading

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Connecting with Your Kids

Are you familiar with Dan TDM?

I am.

I know all about his Pugs and his wife, Jemma.  I recognize his British accent on the TV almost instantly.  And I have opinions about his various hair color experiments.  (Just so you know, I am a much bigger fan of the purple-ish hair color over the green.)


Why on earth does an almost 40-year-old mother of four know all of this information about a 20-something-year-old Minecraft Youtuber?

Because of my kids.

Three of them love Dan TDM.   They regularly stream his YouTube channel on our television so that I hear his voice most mornings when I enter the kitchen.  My boys love to discuss Dan’s latest adventures with me.  I listen, ask questions, and do my best to engage them in conversation.

(I should confess that I cheat a little though.  I follow Dan TDM on Instagram.  Then I can share little-known facts with them because my boys don’t have Instagram yet.)

But why?  Why all of this effort to talk about Dan TDM?

It’s simple really.  It’s about connection.

Ideas for connecting with your kids on their terms. Continue Reading