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Send Help. It’s May and there is Total Parenting Chaos

The other night I was scrubbing the house. Random stuff. Cleaning the appliances. Wiping doors and molding. Scrubbing kitchen drawers.

And I overheard one of my daughters wonder out loud, “What is mom doing?”

My other daughter replied, “Oh she is stressed. Just leave her alone.”

I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry. I am sure I have done a little bit of both since that moment.

Because it is springtime.

And all of the parenting chaos, along with all of the pollen, arrives sometime in mid-April and sticks around for a few weeks causing complete and total parenting chaos.

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But What if my Child Doesn’t Have a Passion?

It happened for each of my homeschooled girls around the age of 12.


They began to lose interest in the activities that made their childhood full of wonder and delight.

Playing at the playground. Making crafts. Hanging out with siblings. Playing pretend. Exploring science museums.

At the same time, they weren’t sure what to do with their free time and they didn’t want to fill it with more schoolwork.

Go figure.

I know that “they” say boredom is good for kids. And I am sure it can be. But that doesn’t mean that a bored teen is going to suddenly find new interests and passions simply because they were left to be bored.

Sometimes it takes more effort than that. And that is where I found myself.

At home with bored tweens. And they weren’t finding their passions through boredom.

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Encourage Your Mom Tribe on Mother’s Day

{{Originally published in 2016.}}

Remember snail mail?

I do. In fact, I used to send snail mail all. of. the. time.

I was OVERLY organized about this. I had a planner that had pockets for card storage each month. This meant I could purchase cards months ahead of time and they would be ready to sign and send.

My Gema (grandmother) and I used to laugh about my organized mailing habits because she received her birthday card on October 29 even though I was in the hospital after having a baby on October 28. (I mailed it in the morning before I went into labor)

I think that was the final birthday card that I ever sent on time. Or at all. Ever again.

Motherhood completely disrupted my overly organized methods in all areas, including my ability to recognize special occasions.  I just couldn’t keep up with cards every month anymore.

But I missed sending cards!

I enjoy writing notes of encouragement to the people who are important to me so I became determined to find a solution to my disorganization.

Then it hit me…MOTHERS DAY!

Instead of keeping up with birthdays, anniversaries, and other events all year long, I could send letters to ALL of the people once a year.

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Ideas for Family Fun in April

April showers bring May flowers.

At least that is what they say, so this could be a rainy month. I am not sure how your forecast looks but I see 6 days of potential rain in the next 15.

This is also typically the month for spring break and Easter. It is also probably the beginning of a season of fairs, festivals, and fun in your local area as the milder temperatures begin to appear.

Take some time this month to have some fun and connect as a family.  To make it a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can make some family memories this month.

So let’s have some fun with activities for April.

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Over 15 Things to do in February with Your Family

February is the month of love and there are easy ways to shower love on your family as we celebrate Valentines Day.  Even beyond Valentines Day, there are so many other great ways to connect as a family this month.

The seasonal qualities of February are similar to the ones that made January so special:

It’s dark.  It’s cold.  And sometimes, if you are lucky, it is white.

Take some time this month to have some fun and connect as a family.  To make it a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can make some family memories this month.

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The Changing Seasons of Parenting

A huge shift has taken place in our household over the last two years and every now and then it hits me like a ton of bricks.

One of those hits occurred last summer when I bought an annual pass to our local science center. My kids have always loved it there but we hadn’t purchased an annual pass for almost two years. It seemed like it would be a fun thing to do again.

The first time we used it, we decided to visit a “new to us” museum. Within the hour, I could read the boredom on my kids’ faces. Sure, they had fun for a bit, but my 13-year-old was clearly forcing it and my boys were done quickly.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

We have outgrown science centers as a family. 

It probably shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did. After all, I planned this particular trip to the science center when my oldest child was busy doing other things. I guess I didn’t realize how quickly the younger set would be bored.

Science centers have been a part of my kids’ childhood for over a decade.

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Parenting Fears: Driving Test Day

It’s already four o’clock and I haven’t eaten lunch. This isn’t normal for me.

I pause and think about it and realize that my stomach is in knots. No wonder I haven’t eaten. There is an ache in my stomach making me feel ill, but I am fairly certain that I am not sick. It’s not that kind of ache.

It is the sort of ache I get when I am stressed, so I start to think about it.

Am I stressed? 

I can’t think of any particular stressor at the moment. Typically the root causes of this type of ache are the kids’ schedules, work, or homeschooling. But as I mentally think through my list, I can’t identify any deadlines or projects that are weighing on my mind.

I start to think about my schedule for the next day and the knot in my stomach tightens. This time, I feel seriously ill.

Then it hits me. I am avoiding any thoughts about one particular event on the calendar tomorrow.

My oldest child is taking her driver’s test.

And despite my brain’s refusal to think about it, my stomach is in knots.

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