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Fashion Challenge Annual Membership

The Fashion Challenge Annual Membership is open for 2017.  I am thrilled that this year includes so many member bonuses.  It’s time to consider becoming an annual member if you haven’t given it a try in the past.

{This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.}

Annual members receive access to great style ideas every season for one low price.  And this year, annual members will also receive access to all four seasons of the 2016 fashion challenges. That makes EIGHT seasons of fashion for one price!


Get the Annual Fashion Challenge Membership and learn all about how it works.

Your membership includes a personal stylist for all four seasons.  Alison Lumbatis of Get Your Pretty On will send you a shopping list at the start of the season. After 2 weeks to gather your items, you will receive 21 days of outfit combinations. Continue Reading

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Fall Fashion Challenge

It is that time of year again.  Fall is around the corner and it’s time to switch over some of the clothing in the closet.  I am ready to put the shorts away and break out the jeans, cardigans, and jackets.  Of course, it is also time for the Fall Fashion Challenge {aff} and starting today you can sign up and receive your shopping list!

It’s been two years since I began participating in the Get Your Pretty On Fashion Challenges {aff} and I am so much happier with my everyday style. Continue Reading

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The Summer Fashion Challenge Begins

{This post contains affiliate links.  Read my disclosure.}

I enjoy experimenting with fashion, but struggle to put together my wardrobe.  I’m not quite sure what items to invest in and which trends to try.  Thankfully, quite some time ago, a friend sent me information about the Fashion Challenges at Get Your Pretty On and I have totally revamped my closet!

It’s been a year and a half since I began participating in the Get Your Pretty On Fashion Challenges and I am so much happier with my everyday style. Continue Reading

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Five items to add to your Spring Closet

I love the change of season.  Spring is on the way and the days occasionally begin to bring with them some wonderfully, dresses-53319_1280warm sunshine.

Sweaters, boots, and bulky clothes are replaced with flats, jeans and T-shirts.   The change is more than welcome around here, as by the end of the season I am usually ready to freshen up my wardrobe.

In general, I prefer to own a smaller number of items that are versatile and work well together.  Classic pieces are a must, but I like to mix in a few well-selected trends for the season.  Cleaning out old items and reducing the number of items in my closet is a current goal.

Keeping my general principles in mind, these are my five favorites in my spring wardrobe:

Shoes: Metallic flats.  I added  a pair of metallic flats to my closet last year and have been surprised just how often they are my “go-to” shoe.  I love the slight wedge heel because it dresses them up just a bit, but not to much for a busy mom!   The dull golden tones work with most everything.  DSW clearance is my favorite spot for shoes, though I have found some at Target that remained comfortable for more than one season.

Bottoms: Boyfriend Jeans.  Love.  Love.  Love boyfriend jeans.  How on earth did we make it without them?  A little looser through the hip and thighs.  Casual look of a rolled jean, but not rolled too short.  Dress them up.  Dress them down.  If you don’t have boyfriend jeans, get thee to a store ASAP and try on a pair!  I have an inexpensive pair from Old Navy clearance and a lighter denim pair from Loft.  Both are fantastic.

Tops: Polka-Dot Blouse.  I know.  I resisted.  Polka-dots?  I am too old for polka-dots AND my name isn’t Minnie.  But I did it.  I bought a white button down blouse with black polka dots and I am so glad that I did.  It is a ton of fun and I have found several ways to wear it.  So many great ideas are on this site and I encourage you to try a few.

Accessory:  Tassle Necklace. It took me several months to find a tassle necklace that I liked AND that was a price I was willing to pay.  Loft Clearance.  I have a gold tassle necklace, but a silver one would be just as ideal.  The tassel necklace dresses up any plain top or dress.  I find that I particularly like the tassel necklace when I am wearing a cardigan as the necklace adds some complementary length to my outfit.

6-IMG_6663[4]Bonus:  Trench Coat Jacket. Last spring I splurged on a bright colored trench coat and I love it.  Trench Coats can be found most anywhere though this particular one was from Nordstrom, and while it was on sale it was not cheap.  But much less expensive stores carry a variety of options.  It is a definite bonus item!

What are you adding to your closet this season?

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Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month Club

Every month I eagerly anticipate a little package that arrives in my mailbox.  In it, I find the current month’s Fair Trade Friday earring selection.


After 5 months of earrings, I am still excited about each and every pair.


Included with the earrings each month are gift tags as well as information about the artisans who handmade the pair of earrings.


From the Fair Trade Friday website: We work primarily with faith-based organizations because we believe true freedom comes through Christ in Ethiopia, Texas, India, Haiti, Kenya, Bangladesh and many more. We work directly with the majority of the artisans to create something beautiful that you will want to wear.

Each pair also comes with a handmade drawstring bag, making it easy for gift giving if you wanted to use it that way.  Simply tuck in the earring with the information card and you have a perfect gift.


After six months of earrings, I have been very happy with my little collection.  They include a beautiful variety of colors and designs.


It has been a very simple way to make a difference in the lives of oppressed women in the world.

If you are interested, you can sign up and pre-pay for 1-month; 3-month; 6-month; or 12-month plans.  The pre-paid monthly plans can also be given as gifts, which is a fantastic idea if you have a teenage daughter.  We have given it as a birthday gift to her friends.  It is the sort of gift that can keep giving for a few months.

I recorded a periscope about the earring of the month club if you wish to see a few of the earrings in person.

(Disclaimer:  I have NO affiliate relationship with Fair Trade Friday.  I don’t earn any percent if you sign up for the monthly earring club.  I believe in helping oppressed women around the globe and am eager to share this simple way of doing so!)

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Fashion Challenge: Stylist for a YEAR!

Enjoy looking put together, but don’t have the ability to figure out the right combinations?

IMG_8686Love adding a few trendy items to your closet each season, but don’t have the time or energy to research what they would be?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the brainwork of shopping done for you?

These things and more are what Alison Lumbatis at Get Your Pretty On offers each season.  I have participated in 4 of her Fashion Challenges and I find that again and again, these are the outfits and the clothing that I gravitate toward when I am getting dressed.

This year, for the first time, an annual membership is being offered.  You can save on an annual membership if you purchase by January 31. The membership is $147 and includes all 4 seasons of shopping lists, outfit combinations, and access to the private Facebook groups.

You can still purchase individual seasons throughout the year if you prefer, but the annual membership is truly your best deal.  It is like getting one season completely free!

The annual membership will NOT be available after January 31, so be sure to sign up soon!

While I am an affiliate for Get Your Pretty On and this post includes affiliate links, I purchase and pay for my own participation in the style challenges and my opinion about them is my own.