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Parent’s Guide to My Neighbor Totoro from Studio Ghibli

Navigating the world of anime movies can be difficult for parents when they aren’t familiar with the genre. This is one of many posts that you can use as a guide so you can enjoy many of the films from Studio Ghibli with your children. Today we present, My Neighbor Totoro

As always, use your own discretion when selecting movies for your family.

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Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

It might be your 20th wedding anniversary if….

you begin your day with an online work meeting and forget to eat breakfast as you run out the door to get your 12-year-old to the pediatrician on time.

Then you travel to the pharmacy for antibiotics. again.

Yep. Two children are now fighting a sinus infection.

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Math Games Your Teens and Tweens will Actually Enjoy

I am a big believer that ALL games teach valuable skills, but this list does focus on math games that your teen and tween will enjoy. These games reinforce math skills and are some of the games we return to again and again simply because they are fun.

The following list was created in the spirit of playing games that focus on specific subject areas. But please don’t play games that make you miserable, even if they do “teach math”.


Ok. Then on with the list.

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Parent Guide to Studio Ghibli Films

When most English speakers think of an animated movie, they usually think of Disney and Pixar. While these powerhouses deserve their fame, in Japan you’d get a very different answer: “Studio Ghibli.”

Adults and children alike enjoy these creative anime films, but here in the United States, many parents have no idea what to expect when it comes to Studio Ghibli films.

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