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Boomerang Book Club: The Outsiders

Our Boomerang Book Club has been such a success this year!

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November’s meeting was no exception. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton was our title for the month and these 7th and 88th-gradegirls all enjoyed the book.

The uniqueness of this book is enhanced if you read a bit of background about the author, a high school aged girl.  She wrote the majority of the book the year that she received a D in Creative Writing, an interesting story in itself.

But I digress…

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Happy Hunger Games (aka: Our First Boomerang Bookclub)

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This year, my 7th grader (Kayleigh), graduated from using the BraveWriter Arrow book guides (grades 3-6) to the Boomerang book guides (grades 7-12).

The Boomerang book guides include Think-Piece questions and it wasn’t a whole lot of fun to discuss the questions between the two of us, so I decided to organize a book club!

I selected one of my favorite books, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, as our kick-off book. The characters are fantastic and the writing is incredible.  I was hopeful that our first book discussion would be easier because I knew that most of the girls would be familiar with the plot.

We kicked off our first meeting last night and it was a huge hit!

Our First Party School Book Club was Hunger Games themed for a discussion of Catching Fire. Click for ideas for food, decor and discussion. Continue Reading

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More Than a Shelf of Books

I am not one of those moms who can’t get rid of books. I am a purger. And I have no problem purging books.

The way I see it, that is what libraries are for. Libraries house my books.

But even I have my soft spots and my memories, so I must admit that there is a section of our hallway bookcase that is more than just a shelf of books.

It is a collection of memories that will always be exempt from purging.

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Book Club Titles 2017-2018

Another year of school is about to start and another round of book clubs are ready to begin. Of course, these are just your average book clubs. We love to dive in with a memorable, themed party school book club!

This will be my third year organizing book clubs for my kids. While the girls have been in a book club for two years, last year was the first year that my boys participated in a book club.

It takes a bit of organization to pick the dates and then we choose the book titles. We typically choose books from the Brave Writer annual subscription lists so we can use the Arrow and Boomerang Guides, but that isn’t a hard, fast requirement.

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My 2017 Booklist

The summer is coming and reading by the pool is a high priority on my agenda. I love to sit poolside with an iced tea (of course) while reading a good book.

In the spirit of the summer season, I decided to organize my reading list. Because it is so huge and I need to record it all in one place.

Will I actually read all of these books before 2017 ends?

Perhaps. But maybe not.

And that is okay with me because I’ll just put the remaining titles on a list for 2018.

Without further ado, this is “Mary’s Completely Ridiculous Amount of Books to Read Booklist” otherwise known as the “2017 Booklist”

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Green Ember Book Club

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“My place beside you, my blood for yours.  Till the Green Ember rises or the end of the world.”

The Green Ember trilogy by S. D. Smith was selected as an Arrow Book title through Brave Writer this year.  Our family began the series with the first book, The Green Ember, and we listened together on audible.

I’ll admit that it was a slow start for me but once the action and adventure kicked in, we were engaged until the exciting, cliff-hanger ending. Of course, this means that we are currently halfway through listening to the second book in the series, Ember Falls.

Three of my children participated in a book club for The Green Ember as part of our ongoing monthly Brave Writer book clubs.  This book inspired some fun book club ideas. Both the girls and the boys had a blast and I have no doubt they will remember these characters for years to come.

Food, fun, and ideas for a Green Ember Book Club.

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