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Green Ember Book Club

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“My place beside you, my blood for yours.  Till the Green Ember rises or the end of the world.”

The Green Ember trilogy by S. D. Smith was selected as an Arrow Book title through Brave Writer this year.  Our family began the series with the first book, The Green Ember, and we listened together on audible.

I’ll admit that it was a slow start for me but once the action and adventure kicked in, we were engaged until the exciting, cliff-hanger ending. Of course, this means that we are currently halfway through listening to the second book in the series, Ember Falls.

Three of my children participated in a book club for The Green Ember as part of our ongoing monthly Brave Writer book clubs.  This book inspired some fun book club ideas. Both the girls and the boys had a blast and I have no doubt they will remember these characters for years to come.

Food, fun, and ideas for a Green Ember Book Club.

Two different moms planned two very different book clubs.

One for the boys was planned by me.  One for the girls was planned by my friend, Vickie. (@rockonliving on Instagram and you can also find her blogging)

Both groups had a fantastic time and ideas from both book clubs could be combined in any combination.

The Green Ember Book Club: Boy Theme

The book club for the boys focused on rabbits (or boys) preparing for battle.

We began with a sewing activity completely inspired by JoyBroughtMe’s Instagram Book Club photo.  Christy (@JoyBroughtMe on Instagram) has been sharing pictures of her book clubs each month and I love borrowing some of the ideas!

I was shocked to learn that none of the boys (including my two) had done any hand sewing before. They absolutely loved it.

Our Green Ember Book Club began with sewing!

I hot glued the red and green diamond onto the white circle prior to our book meeting.  The boys stitched them onto the brown felt that they used to create a sash.

HINT:  The needles were all pre-threaded and ready to go!  I highly recommend this.

NOTE: The boys over the age of 8 had no issues with the sewing.  They enjoyed it and used some of my extra felt to create a few of their own badges.  My 7-year-old son had a hard time and one of the moms had to help him sew on his badge.

The Green Ember Book Club: Girl Theme

Our Book Club for the girls was decorated in the beauty and style of “Mended Wood”.

Our girls Green Ember Book Club: The Mended Wood

Instead of a battlefield, the Mended Wood is a place of beauty, peace, and healing that the rabbits hope for throughout the book.

The Green Ember Book Club: Food Ideas

Our food ideas included some of the following (though not all) at each book club:

  • Cheetos for swords
  • Milk chocolate covered raisins for rabbit droppings (ahem…silly)
  • Jumbo Marshmallows for rabbit talks
  • Green Jello Jigglers for the Green Ember
  • Pink cupcakes (in the Mended Wood)
  • Carrot sticks
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Nuts (cashews)

The Green Ember Book Club: Games

The girls’ book club began in the same way as the book – with a game of “Star Seek”.

When the girls arrived, they had to find a star hidden in the yard with their name on it.  The stars were tied together with a red ribbon and each star contained the words: I accept you.

Green Ember Book Club activities - star seek

The boys created a star out of popsicle sticks as part of their activities.  If there had been time at the end, the boys were going to play a modified game of star seek outside.

The Green Ember Book Club: Battles

I spray painted a tropical bird pinata with black paint to represent Morbin Blackhawk, the bird enemy of the rabbits.

Defeating Morbin Blackhawk at our Green Ember Book Club

The boys wore their battle sashes and defeated Morbin in just a few rounds of pinata. They had a fantastic time eating the spoils of war when the battle was over.

The Green Ember Book Club: Crafts

The girls created beautiful stained glass window displays.

The were given a circle cut from cardstock to draw images that were meaningful to them.  They took their circle to the next room where they found contact paper that had been taped to the window using painters tape. They placed their circle in the center of the paper and then used tissue paper squares to cover the rest of the sticky contact paper.

Green Ember Book Club stain glass windows.

Once they were finished, we secured their designs by sandwiching them between another layer of contact paper.  Each girl was able to take home their beautiful window story.

We also created bookmarks by melting crayon shavings in between two sheets of wax paper using a hot iron.  Once the crayon shavings were cooled down, the girls taped the waxed paper between cut rectangles of card stock.

Green Ember Book Club bookmark craft.

The Green Ember Book Club: Discussion

The Brave Writer Arrow Guide for The Green Ember served as book club discussion guide.  There are nine “Big, Juicy Conversation” questions located in the back of the guide.  In addition, our family uses the Arrow Guides during the month as our core language arts curriculum.

To the Mended Wood…

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Ideas for both boys and girls book clubs discussing the book: The Green Ember.


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