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Open Letter to my Children about the World of Text

FLASHBACK POST: This was originally published in 2014 on my former blog. My children were 11, 9, 7, and 5 years old at the time it was written. We continue to navigate the world of text together and it hasn’t been as scary as I thought.

Dear Children,

You are growing up so quickly. I have no doubt that I will blink and you will be teenagers, navigating the world of text.

Twitter. Facebook. Email. Blogs. SnapChat. Instagram. Text Messaging.

And everything else “they” come up with in the next few years.

Text is an important method of communication and we rely on it more and more every year. Somehow I have to help you navigate this world and I admit that aspects of guiding you in this new world of text frighten me.

Because text is dead. It lacks tone and emotion. You can see body language or facial expressions. Yet, it is a primary method of communication today.

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