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Because Doing All The Things Won’t Work

Laundry sits in piles upstairs. There are two loads waiting to be folded and two are sitting in the washer and dryer. Campfire scented top sheets are tossed haphazardly on the floor so I don’t forget to wash them next.

None of these piles include my own laundry which is overflowing in a basket down the hall. I have only tackled the towels and the boys’ clothing so far and I can’t seem to even finish that task.

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5 Simple Self-Care Ideas

Occasionally it occurs to me that I am allowed to spoil ME.

Yep. Momma is allowed to spoil herself.

It’s not a crazy concept, but it’s often a forgotten one. It’s easy to forget to take care of me in the midst of swim team, carpool, cleaning, and summer projects. And sometimes there just is no. time. in. the. day.

At least it feels that way.

So what is a mom to do?

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Happy Planning Your Homeschool Year

I wasn’t going to be one of those planner girls. You know the ones. The ones with the Happy Planners, piles of washi tape, and stickers.

Will. Not. Do. It.

Then, the allure of a pretty happy planner called to me and I found myself “just looking”. The next thing I knew, the friendly planner gal standing next to me introduced me to a fancy hole punch that would allow me to put any pages that I wanted into the planner.

Which meant that I could insert the forms from my homeschool planner into the pages of the Happy Planner.


And that’s how I became one of those planner girls.

Plan Your Year Kit and the Happy Planner work well together for the perfect homeschool and life planner. Continue Reading

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Play Everyday in May

May is here and I am ready to play!

Okay, let’s be honest, I am ready to play games on any given day, but during this month our formal schooling begins to slow down, and we have more free time for unstructured play and learning.

Come play everyday in May with me - games for every subject!

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Connect with Your Kids: January Edition

January is a great time to connect with your kids.

Ok.  So anytime is a great time to connect with your kids, but January has few unique qualities that you can take advantage of right now.

It’s dark.  It’s cold.  And sometimes, if you are lucky, it is white.

All of these qualities make this the perfect month to cozy up and connect as a family.  To make it a bit easier for you this month, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can make some family memories this month, including a FREE 2 page printable of conversations starters for your family!

Click for inspiration and ideas to connect with your kids in January!

Before you feel any sort of pressure to attack all of these ideas, let me assure you that I won’t be doing them all.

Instead, I’ve compiled this list for all of us to peruse and then purposefully select the activities that will work best for our family this month.  After all, we want to connect with our kids and NOT connect with a “to-do” list. Continue Reading

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Confessions of an Imperfect Mom: Christmas Edition

Hey Mommas.

It’s easy to feel like a complete failure sometimes, isn’t it?

Hashtag “Momfail”, right?

I suspect it is even easier to feel like a failure during the holidays because the expectations of the season make the bar feel so high.

And scrolling through social media doesn’t help.  It usually pushes that hypothetical bar even higher. Everyone else appears to be doing life beautifully while you know the reality of your own situation.

Well, I am here to assure you that for every pretty picture of Christmas lights hanging in the kids’ bedrooms, there are realities that weren’t captured for the world to see.

So as this season of giving comes to a close, let my final gift to you be a few of my #momfail stories this December.

It isn't always picture perfect. I am an imperfect mother and I am learning to embrace who I am.

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How to Create a Seriously Simple Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling.  It is all the rage in the world of women.  Everyone is trying it and I am no exception.

Bullet Journal pages appear so pretty and organized. It’s a brilliant concept. There is no question about that.

I became convinced that one little moleskin journal held the key to daily, weekly and monthly organization in my home.  I would just have to draw the pretty squares. Continue Reading