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Playing with Language: 10 Ideas for Families

We love to play with language in our house.

Words. Idioms. Jokes. Figurative language.

It’s all part of the atmosphere of learning that we have created in this house and it is easier to create that you might realize.

We repeat our favorite lines from movies and TV shows, share silly puns, attempt to solve riddles, and experiment with new vocabulary words. There isn’t a limit to the many ways you can play with words and language in your home.

I bet you’ve already started to realize how much your family plays with language as well, so let’s talk about ten ideas you can incorporate into your family lifestyle.

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Homeschooling 10th Grade: Our Plan for My Oldest

I can hardly believe my oldest child is entering the tenth grade. This means that I am homeschooling 10th grade whether I am ready or not. HA!

Independent courses. Drivers License. Working two jobs.

She is growing up so quickly and it makes me truly grateful that we have bonus time together because she decided to remain enrolled in our homeschool for high school.

Of course, as my oldest child and first high school student, she remains my guinea pig. I am thankful that we have her successful freshman year of high school behind us because it gives me even more confidence as we move forward. We are confidently proceeding forward with our plans for homeschooling 10th grade.

I've got all of the details of our plan for homeschooling high school: 10th grade. Continue Reading

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How to Play the ColorKu Board Game

The ColorKu board game is a great game to teach your children. It can be played alone or with a friend, which makes it a perfect game to keep for a rainy day.

The ColorKu board game is similar to Suduko, but uses colors instead of numbers. The same type of logical reasoning is involved so your kids will develop their thinking skills while having fun.

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The Graphic Novel Choices for our Homeschool Year

Who says you have to read only novels during your homeschool year?

Not me!

Normally read a variety of literature, including graphic novels, and it has become clear that my soon to be 14 year old prefers graphic novels above all other types of literature.

As a result, we are going to spend the entire year reading and studying graphic novels in her English class.

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Using Local Resources in Your Homeschool Plans

When planning the topics we will study in our homeschool, I try to use ideas from our local resources.

If I can study a topic that coordinates with a local museum exhibit, then I double our learning benefits. Our homeschool studies deepen with a related field trip and the field trip is enhanced due to our prior knowledge.

It’s a win-win so let’s talk about how to make it work.
How to use local resources in your homeschool yearly plan.

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