5 Tools that Spark Meaningful Family Conversation

Conversation is an important part of our family life and an important part of our homeschool.

Meaningful conversation contributes to the atmosphere of learning in our homeschool and it enhances our relationships with one another. My kids are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with me and others. They learn to defend their point of view, explain their reasoning, and consider what someone else has to say.

Conversations give my children the room and freedom to process what they are learning. We might talk about current events, the plot of a book, or whether parallel universes truly exist.

Our Brave Writer Lifestyle has taught me to value our conversations just as much as I value any part of our homeschool, sometimes even more. I’ve learned that everything doesn’t have to be in a book, on a worksheet, or written down at all.

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Freedoms Homeschool Parents Forget

Most homeschool days follow a typical routine. These semi-predictable routines keep the lessons moving forward and help parents maintain their sanity. This is a good thing. But it’s far too easy to fall into a routine trap and allow things to become boring and mundane if we don’t flex our homeschool…

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Introduce your children to linear equations in a fun and hands-on way with Hands-On Equations.
Homeschooling, Math

Hands-On Equations Product Review

Do you ever feel like all of the wonderful math manipulatives and hands-on activities for teaching mathematics disappear by the time your student reaches Pre-Algebra and linear equations? Gone are the days of snap cubes, base ten blocks, and geoboards because now it is time for “serious math”. Well, guess what?…

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How we homeschool on the go.

Homeschooling on the Go

I’ll admit that my favorite homeschool days are the ones we spend at home with no outside commitments or activities on the schedule. I protect our days at home as much as possible. But there are days that we have to take this show on the road.…

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