Keeping Perspective on Family Adventures

As I type this, my crew and I are on the road toward eclipse totality. We decided to take off for an overnight adventure to chase the full eclipse because our day trip plans were canceled by Mother Nature. Now we will spend a total of two nights away from home so that we can experience 2 minutes of totality excitement.

We have no idea where we will spend our time while waiting for the eclipse. There are reports of traffic jams, crazy people, and gas shortages.

Personally, I am concerned about one thing: a bathroom WITH toilet paper. Every time my husband or father suggest a spot to meet and set up “camp” for the day I ask, “Where is a bathroom?”

It’s become quite clear to me that men don’t think about these things the same way.

So our spot for tomorrow remains a mystery. As do the traffic conditions, the bathroom issues, and the weather.

Tomorrow could be a fantastic family memory or a complete disaster.

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