Mom Guilt: Yeah, I’m Over It. (mostly)

Guilt is a universal feeling though it rears its ugly head in different ways, using different strategies for each person. We must all learn to tackle this beast in our own way and find the strategies that work for us.

I have been working hard to be reasonable, rational, and really honest with myself as I attack the ridiculous guilt that creeps up on me.

Yes. Ridiculous. Some guilt is just plain ridiculous.

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Tips for simple self-care routines for moms to implement easily every day.

5 Simple Self-Care Ideas

Occasionally it occurs to me that I am allowed to spoil ME. Yep. Momma is allowed to spoil herself. It’s not a crazy concept, but it’s often a forgotten one. It’s easy to forget to take care of me in the midst of swim team, carpool, cleaning, and summer projects.…

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